About Us

Garland Studios, LLC is a multi-faceted company that offers wedding photojournalism of the utmost standards and complete wedding disc jockey services.

Founder, and President, Rob Garland offers a unique eye into wedding photojournalism rarely seen with the typical wedding photographer. His work has taken him throughout the United States and abroad, documenting each event with an inconspicuous and subtle approach. He has photographed many celebrities throughout the United States and is continuously in constant demand for photojournalistic wedding photography.

Vice-President John Garland has become one of Virginia's most sought after wedding disc jockeys based on his vast knowledge of music and his warm, comforting demeanor. Garland Studios offers every client access to our music library through an online database and gives everyone the opportunity to search through over 30,000 songs and artists.

For more information, please browse through the links on this site and feel free to contact us to discuss the specific details of your event.

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